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01-12-2019 | Bert Meulendijk Kemper Profiler Workshop!

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On December 1, Bert Meulendijk will give a workshop about the Kemper Profiler in our own Theater Dina; the ultramodern amplifier that has turned the guitar world upside down!
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01-12-2019 | Bert Meulendijk Kemper Profiler Workshop!

The Kemper Profiler is known for conjuring up all possible guitar sounds without the hassle of large amplifiers, cabinets or pedalboards. On the contrary! The Kemper Profiler is packed in a stylish, digital package the size of a small suitcase. The Profiler works with so-called 'Profiles', profiles to which a certain sound is attached, for example an imitation of a beautiful vintage amplifier or a brand new sound that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Bert Meulendijk is widely praised for his use of the Kemper Profiler, as well as making excellent 'Profiles'. Under the name Bert Meulendijk Profiles he sells the guitar sounds he puts together worldwide, almost every user of the Kemper Profiler has also loaded Bert's profiles.

During the workshop, Bert will discuss all ins and outs of the Kemper Profiler and, of course, show how they sound, it is special that Bert never gives such workshops. Afterwards there will still be time to view the different Kemper models, including the new 'Stage'! Of course there will be more than enough Kemper's in stock!

Here's a preview of Bert & his Kemper!