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Dear Friends,

With current events unfolding we actively follow the instructions of the health authorities. For now TFOA will remain open until further instructions. However, to create an even safer welcome, we ask you to call or message us upfront.

TFOA being as spacious as it is, there is a private room for every customer. We actively take care of the hygiene and safety rules that are in place now. We'd like you to do the same and follow instructions as provided by the health authorities.


Please take notice that online sales, phone sales, and shipping will continue as usual during office hours, daily from 10:00 to 18:00. Besides this, our webshop is available every hour of the day!


Being at home means you have time to practice and enjoy playing an instrument. Maybe it’s even the utmost opportunity for you to learn and master the guitar?!


Be assured that we will be here to support you in every possible way. If you have difficulties in making a choice, have an instrument that needs repair, or need help and guidance please give us a call. At request we will also shoot a demo for you of any guitar you are not able to play physically in our store!


Stay safe, take care and keep enjoying music!


Coen, Laura and Rudi Bults

The Fellowship of Acoustics



Our telephone number:  0031(0)523-232205

E-mail:  [email protected]


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