Full Gibson Dealer! | TFOA

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Full Gibson Dealer! | TFOA

From now on, The Fellowship of Acoustics is your one-stop-shop for everything Gibson! All models, colours, bursts and guitars are now available for order at TFOA!


Does Gibson need any more explaining? They've made quite the comeback in 2019 following their near bankruptcy. Bringing a whole "new" line-up of golden oldies to the front, at shockingly sharp prices. 


New 2019 Gibson Models 


The above mentioned promise, also includes all the new and famed 2019 models by Gibson! Looking for a Les Paul Junior Tribute or a Cherry Firebird? Look no further. 


All other models will also be in-stock at TFOA soon, if your desired model isn't in stock or available at the moment. Please feel free to contact us! Info@tfoa.eu / 0523 232205 


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