Rivolta Guitars at TFOA!

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Rivolta Guitars at TFOA!

We've just acquired our first batch of Rivolta guitars! These beauty's all rock unique designs and are a lot of bang for the buck. Curious? Read more!

Rivolta guitars are the latest creation from acclaimed guitar builder and designer Dennis Fano, owner of Novo Guitars and the founder of Fano Guitars. Dennis has always wanted to make his guitars accessible to as many players as possible, and partnering with Mike Robinson of Eastwood Guitars was the perfect solution.


​The Rivolta models feature the best elements of Dennis Fano's well-known designs, and utilize Eastwood’s established production facilities and worldwide distribution network.


The initial Rivolta model, the Combinata, was launched through the Eastwood Custom Shop in 2016. After an overwhelming response and rave reviews, they began working on a second model to add to the Rivolta range; the Mondata.

Fast forward to 2019...Rivolta has solidified itself in the market as a unique, vintage inspired  guitar brand who are committed to bringing you affordable instruments featuring Dennis Fano design, precision manufacturing and amazing tone.

2020 will see the addition of a whole new range of Dennis Fano designed instruments into the Rivolta lineup, including a Combinata Bass, Combinata 12-String, Mondata Baritone and a brand new model; the Zenyata.


But for now! Take a look at all the great Rivolta Guitars we have in stock!




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