Strap it up and Play! Free strap with every guitar!

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Strap it up and Play! Free strap with every guitar!

Don't drop your guitar! Strap it up! From the 18th till the 31st of March The Fellowship of Acoustics will give your guitar some extra flair. With every electric- or western-guitar you'll receive a free guitar-strap worth €60,-.

How does it work?



Stop by our store and choose a guitar-strap (worth €60,-) that suits you and your new guitar! We have a wide variety of colours, materials and brands to choose from. 


When ordering online, you can contact us to make sure you receive your preferred guitar-strap with your order! 


You can do this by:


- Writing your desired strap in the notes of your order while purchasing,


- sending an email to,


- giving us a call on 0523-232205. 


View our online catagory in our webshop to see which strap suits you best! While our stock lasts! 


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