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Amplifier Options
AER Compact Mobile 2
The Compact Mobile acoustic guitar amp was developed to give musicians a system for acoustic instrum...
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AER Compact 60/4 TE Tommy Emmanuel
Limited Edition Tommy Emmanuel version with engraved enclosure. 
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AER Compact 60/4 Acoustic Amp
The AER Compact 60/4 is a professional, compact and powerful amplifier system for use on stage, in t...
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AER Domino 2.A Acoustic Amplifier
Der Domino 2a wurde als mehrkanaliges (mono) Akustiksystem für größere Bühnen konzipiert und ist...
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AER Compact XL
A new discrete power amp design for additional dynamic headroom. A new speaker configuration for add...
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AER Compact Classic Pro Acoustic Guitar Amplifier
The Compact Classic pro is aimed at classical players and their instruments.
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