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Lowden O25C Indian Rosewood Red Cedar
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Mastergrade Tonewoods
Lowden Lowden F50 African Blackwood  Adirondack
Mastergrade Tonewoods
Lowden Lowden F50c African Blackwood Sinker Redwood
Lowden GL10 Koa 2018
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Lowden S25 Indian Rosewood Cedar
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LR Baggs Anthem
Lowden Lowden F32SE Stage Edition Rosewood Spruce
Nylon Stringed
Lowden Lowden S50J African Blackwood Sinker Redwood
Lowden F22C Lefty
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Nylon Stringed
Lowden Lowden WL50 Jazz Blackwood Sinker Redwood
Lowden GL10C Tasmanian Blackwood
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Lowden S35W Figured Walnut 12 Fret
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Lowden F25 Indian Rosewood Cedar
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Lowdens are top-of-the-line acoustic guitars, handbuilt in Ireland by true craftsmen. Built by and under supervision of well-respected luthier George Lowden. Lowdens have a complete sound of their own and are unique in both sound and looks. Notable Lowden players are Eric Clapton, Jan Akkerman, Pierre Bensusan and even Ed Sheeran. TFOA is the largest Lowden dealer in Europe and we remain great fans of these guitars, stocking every model and having over 30 of them on our walls. 

Why choose a Lowden?

Lowden guitars can't be described, if you're not familiar with their products, we can highly recommend you give them a shot. In the sound department they can hardly be beaten, both strumming ánd fingerstyle guitarists will find a Lowden very pleasing to hear. They come in a variety of different shapes and boast the best, premium tonewoods on the market. 

“Introducing unplanned or unmitigated stress into any musical instrument deadens the tonal response. Our assembly techniques involve the use of hand tools to improve the quality of all joints and enable the “Dolphin Profile” voicing of the soundboard bracing. This and many more design and technique factors ensure that sustain, volume and balance are not hindered in any way. No short cuts are possible, just great workmanship and attention to detail!” 

If you're looking for a high-end guitar like no other, Lowden is a must-consider.