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Amplifier Options
Milkman F-Stop Tremolo Reverb Pedal Black
The F-Stop brings two effects found in vintage American tube amplifiers into one pedal.
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Milkman 10W Pint Combo Black Tweed Celestion Greenback
The Pint is similar to the Half Pint, but with extended headroom, lush spring reverb, and deep outpu...
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Milkman The Amp 100
The Milkman The Amp 100 is the latest addition to the 'The Amp' series. This hybrid Tube / Class D a...
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Milkman 5W Half Pint 1x12 Combo Celestion Greenback
The Half Pint was designed to be the most versatile low power amplifier possible. Reverb and tremolo...
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Milkman 20W Creamer 1x12 Combo Jupiter Ceramic
With 6V6s the Creamer puts out about 20 watts into 8ohms and has sweet breakup. Put a pair of 6L6s ...
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Milkman The Amp
What is The Amp? First and foremost, it’s a 50W Guitar amplifier.
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