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Carr Amps Skylark 1x12 Tweed Combo

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Carr Amps Skylark 1x12 Tweed Combo

The Skylark idea began with the love and appreciation for classic home/student 60s American amps such as the Harvard.  These small student amps deliver organic tube juice and vibe at real world volumes, making them super usable and super satisfying.  The Skylark takes this fun utility a giant leap forward with these features: reverb, a built in power attenuator, Hi/Low gain switch, and the extended range presence control, which offer an incredible pallet of tones from the Skylark’s beautiful dove-tailed cabinet.

The Skylark is capable of a huge range of possible sounds, but with a sweet hint of compression to its touch sensitivity. Let's think of this one as 2/3 American Blackface, and
1/3 Tweed/British. The attenuator lets you play clean, mildly overdriven, or with full-on distortion at any home volume.


Type: Tube amplifier head
Type cabinet: Open back
Output: 12 Watt
Poweramp tubes: 2x 6V6
Speaker size: 1x 12"
Speaker: Celestion A-type
Channels:  1
Inputs: 1
Controls: Volume, Hi/Low Gain schakelaar, Treble, Mid, Bass, Reverb Presence, Attenuator w/ switch
Reverb: Yes
Tremolo: No
Effects Loop: No
Line out: Yes
External speaker out: Yes, 8 ohm
Cabinet Material: Pine
Weight:  19kg
Footswitch: No
Other features: No
Condition: New
Cosmetic Condition: None
Cover/case: No