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Flamenco Guitars

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Camps Primera A Blanca Cypress German Spruce
For players seeking a more traditional-style flamenco, lightweight, warm and fast responding, these ...
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Ricardo Sanchis Carpio 2AF 1996
This 1996 classical guitar was made using carefully selected tonewoods with Spanish cypress back and...
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Wolfgang Jellinghaus Masterbuilt Flamenca 1AB
The goal of the Milestone Luthier Centre is to rebuild the history of classic guitar making by selec...
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Alhambra 10Fc
The Alhambra F10Fc is a beautiful flamenco guitar with a solid book matched Cypress body with a Germ...
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Cordoba 45FM Recent Near Mint
The 45FM is a fantastic light weight flamenco guitar built for anyone looking for an authentic flame...
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Felipe Conde Guitarra Clásica de Estudio CE2 SP 2019
This hand-made instrument features many traditional details like the intricate rosette and matching ...
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Conde Hermanos Media Luna Negra 1999
The Media Luna headstock design was always linked to the 1960’s when it became more common to be ...
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Burguet ABF Mixta Negra Madagascan German Spruce 2011
This ABF Mixta model from their professional line of instruments is based on the classic flamenco re...
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Guitarras Camps Primera Negra A Rosewood
Guitarras Camps produces high-quality classical and flamenco guitars, but within a budget that is af...
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Damian Burguet Unico Especial Amazon Rosewood Cedar 2009
Damian Burguet -the son of Amalio- forms a great example of how a new generation can build on the ex...
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Hermanos Conde Flamenca Blanca Estudio 1986
An instrument with a big projection, huge volume and a brilliant Flamenco character.
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Alhambra 7Fc Cypress - German Spruce Conservatory Series
The Alhambra F7C is a beautiful flamenco guitar with a solid book matched Cypress body with a German...
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George Lowden Classical Guitar 1995
To find a mastermade George Lowden classical guitar a rare occurence, we have only had a handful go ...
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Cordoba GK Pro Negra
The GK Pro Negra is the ultimate gigging nylon string guitar for professional musicians.
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Cordoba GK Studio
Built with a solid European spruce top, cypress back and sides, soft cutaway and Fishman Presys Blen...
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Gerundino Flamenco Blanca 1988
A great example of a very rare Gerundino Blanca of one of the greatest flamenco guitar makers that h...
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Otto Vowinkel Flamenco Blanca 1988
This flamenco guitar was built by Otto Vowinkel in Amsterdam in 1988. Otto Vowinkel was born into a ...
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Cordoba GK studio Negra
Die GK Studio Negra ist eine hervorragende Bühnen-Gitarre. Sie ist mit einem Fishman Presys Blend P...
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