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MXR M133 Micro Amp
The Micro Amp allows you to boost your signal with a preset amount of gain up to +26dB.
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MXR MC401 Boost-Line Driver
The Boost/Line Driver is simple in design but superbly effective in solving a variety of mismatched ...
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MXR M293 Booster Mini
The MXR Booster Mini gives you the sonic secret sauce of the Echoplex Preamp with the legendary boos...
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Walrus Audio Emissary Parallel Boost
Built from the ground up, Walrus Audio has developed a new 2-in-1 boost to help make leads stand out...
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Fender Engager Boost
Every now and then you need to kick your sound up a notch.
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Suhr KokoBoost Reloaded
Koko Reloaded is the ideal solution for players seeking a pedalboard friendly Clean/Mid Boost pedal ...
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