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Suhr Classic J Antique Olympic White IRW
The Suhr Classic J is based on the iconic electric bass designs of the 1960s.
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Fender American Ultra Precision Bass Ultraburst
American Ultra is the most advanced series of basses for demanding players.
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Monster Cable Bass 12ft Angled-Straight 3.7m Instrument Cable
Monster develops technical pro audio cables that are not only durable and roadworthy, they are desig...
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Fender American Original 50s Precision Bass Aztec Gold
Few companies can honestly claim to have changed the world like Fender did when they created the Pre...
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Reunion Blues Continental Voyager Electric Bass
All of the great ergonomic features of the original RB Continental are evident and even improved in ...
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Ibanez SR5PBLTD-DEL Premium
This Ibanez SR5PBLTD 5-string is certainly the top-line in the Ibanez SR series. With two aggressive...
€1.699,00 €1.399,00
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Anyone who has visited our physical store over the years has probably used these tuners one or more ...
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Sadowsky SBP1 Outboard Bass Preamp DI
The Sadowsky SBP-1 Outboard Bass Preamp/DI Pedal contains the same famous circuit built into every S...
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Phil Jones M7 Micro Bass Combo
Tone-to-go just got more portable and affordable with the Phil Jones Bass MICRO 7 combo.
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Sadowsky SBP2 Outboard Bass Preamp DI
The new SBP-2 has the same famous circuit that goes in all Sadowsky basses
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D'Addario XTB45100 NPS Long Scale Bass Strings 45-100 Regular Light
D'Addario XT Bass Nickel Plated Steel strings combine our most popular electric bass guitar alloy wi...
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Teye Gypsy Queen 'La Bruja' Bass
When a professional acquaintance of Teye started sending him Photoshop mockups of a La India with ba...
€4.199,00 €2.990,00
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DR Strings Sunbeams Shortscale 45-105
Sunbeams are another step forward on a continuing path for players who constantly seek to upgrade th...
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Eich BC112 Pro Bass Combo
The BC112 combo is driven by power, punch and drive.
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Eich 1210S Bass Cabinet
The S-series cabinets provide solid fundamentals and superior dynamic “aliveness” even in the mo...
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Eich 112XS Bass Cabinet
The XS cabinet series is so lightweight that you may almost believe that there is no speaker install...
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Eich 110XS Bass Cabinet
The XS cabinet series is so lightweight that you may almost believe that there is no speaker install...
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Rick Turner Renaissance Bass Special 5-String
Rick Turner is known for his unique way of building, and of course the Lindsey Buckingham 'Model one...
€3.149,00 €2.690,00
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Furch Bc 62-SW 4 Acoustic Bass
Furch has been building acoustic instruments with great passion and precision for years. This Bc 62-...
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Phil Jones Bass BG75 Double Four Bass Combo
From a cabinet with size of a jewel box, this seems to defy the laws of physics.
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Kemper Profiler Stage
Kemper Profiler Stage combines the acclaimed Kemper Profiler digital guitar amplifier with the Prof...
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Boston B-10.2 Gig Bag Electric Bass Guitar
Boston B-10.2 Gig Bag to protect your favourite Electric Bass Guitar.
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Mayones Patriot Classic 5 Jeans Black
Mayones instruments find their origin in the very same place music starts – the heart.
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Lollar P Bass Pickup Black
Lollar P Bass split-coil Pickup with Black cover.
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