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Deering White Lotus 5-String Lightweight Banjo
For years players have been asking for a lighter weight banjo with a full rich tone at an affordable...
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Deering Vega Old Tyme Wonder 12 Inch Banjo
The Old Time Wonder is reliable and exceptional in tone, playability, versatility and responsiveness...
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Deering Premium Banjo Strings Light
These banjo strings will work great for 5-string long neck banjos and 5-string parlor banjos as well...
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Deering Medium Gauge 5-string Banjo Strings
Greg Deering knows what makes a banjo sound great.
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Deering Banjo Stitched Leather Cradle Strap
Flexible and comfortable
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Deering Goodtime 6-String G6S
The Goodtime Six was not designed to replace the guitar, but rather complement it. It affords guitar...
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Deering Vega Senator 5-String Banjo
A spun brass tone ring, ideal for Old Time, Classical, Folk, Civil War music, over 100 years of Vega...
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Deering Goodtime banjo 5 OB
The Goodtime Banjo, their most standard and starters model with a high standard set for quality. The...
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Deering Eagle II 5 string Banjo
The Eagle II banjo represents the latest in tone ring innovation from the collaborative efforts of G...
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