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Kool Amplification 1984 Head 50W
Kool's 1984 is based on the hot rodded plexi amp some mister called Eddie van Halen used on the firs...
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Elfring Freedom Head British Racing Green
This Elfring has a huge headroom and immediately shows what it has to offer. You could almost say th...
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Friedman Dirty Shirley DS40 Head
Dave Friedman’s Dirty Shirley 40 Watt Head was designed for guitarists that want a Vintage Classic...
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Suhr PT15 IR Pete Thorn Signature Amp Head
The PT15 I.R. is the world’s first truly hybrid amplifier, marrying classic tube circuitry with a ...
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Bad Cat Black Cat 15 Reverb Legacy Head With 1x12 Cabinet Black Bronco
If you have ever wanted the amazing tone and feel of the Black Cat 30, only with a more manageable v...
€2.990,00 €2.490,00
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Brunetti Pleximan 50 Head
In celebration their 25th anniversary Brunetti wanted to design a new model that would make history ...
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Mesa Boogie Subway D800+ Bass Head
The SUBWAY® D-800+™ addresses the player who wants enhanced frequency control and an interface fo...
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Suhr Hedgehog 50 Amplifier Head Black
Steeped in the classic, hot-rodded American tone tradition, the Suhr Hedgehog is designed to offer p...
€3.690,00 €3.199,00
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Amplex TA-44 DLX Class A Plexi Tube Amplifier Bassman 54
This is in one word an amazing amp and possibly one of the best we ever stocked. Fully handcrafted f...
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Swart AST MK2 Head Tweed
The introduction of the Swart Atomic Space Tone (AST) was a smashing success, earning raves across t...
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Mesa Boogie Subway D800 head
Introducing the Subway D-800, where MESA's passion for Design Excellence and Portability meet the de...
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