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Lefthanded Guitars

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Eastman ACTG2 OV Lefty
This beautiful guitar from Eastman is a reliable travel companion with its smaller size.
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Martin DJR10LE Lefty
Very suitable as a starters guitar for- 'serious about guitar playing' kids as well as for the exper...
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Martin D35L Reimagined Lefty
The first D35 was born in 1965 and made the increasingly popular dreadnought body shape more valuabl...
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Eastman AC122-1CE Lefty
This Eastman AC122 1CE trades the traditional approach for a modern guitar with comfort and playabil...
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Lowden F22C Lefty
Original Series Lowden F-22c Jumbo Mahogany Cedar with cutaway, lefthanded.
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Eastman AC422CE Lefty
Lefthanded Eastman AC422CE Grand Auditorium
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Gibson G45 Standard Lefty
The G-45 Standard builds on the revolutionary new G-45 series platform to provide the perfect mix of...
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Martin D28L Reimagined Lefty
Sometimes innovation is in the details and this is certainly true with Martin’s re-imagined D-28.
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Eastman AC630 BD Jumbo Lefty
This eyecatching model combines premium looks with a premium sound using stunning figured maple for ...
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Eastman E1OM Lefty
This lefthanded Eastman E1 OM is hard to beat. At a great price-point you get a serious instrument w...
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Eastman AC322CE Lefty
As part of the AC series this lefthanded AC322CE takes a more modern approach to design and build.
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Eastman AC222CE Ovankol Cutaway Fishman Lefty
This Eastman AC222CE leaves the traditional acoustic guitar designs behind and gives the player a mo...
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Taylor 510 1999 Lefty
A great playing and sounding instrument perfect for strummers and accompanying vocals.
€1.749,00 €1.499,00
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Martin 00018 L Lefty
It is no secret TFOA takes great care of our southpaw sisters and brethren, and they are in for a re...
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Eastman E10D Lefty Dreadnought
This Lefthanded Traditional Series Eastman E-10D Dreadnought was built with methods and materials us...
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Martin DJR10L Lefty
Also very suitable as a starters guitar for- 'serious about guitar playing' kids as well as fro the ...
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