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Western Guitars

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Acoustic Models
Electric Models
Guild D55 2008
In stock
Martin Martin Custom Shop D45 12-String
Martin Custom Shop D45 12-String
Out of stock
Limited Edition
Gibson Gibson Slash J45 Limited Edition Vermillion Burst
Taylor 310CE LTD Koa 2003
In stock
Iris DF Model
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Western Guitars

You could almost call them synonyms: Western Guitars and The Fellowship of Acoustics. With over 400 guitars in stock we represent the Western Guitar as you probably wouldn't find anywhere.

We stock well-known brands like Martin, Gibson and Taylor but also boutique brands as Collings, Goodall, Santa Cruz and Atkin. We're even the biggest Lowden dealer of Europe!

Besides these brands we also offer Eastman, Blueridge, Furch, Maton, Guild but also small independent luthiers like Sergei de Jonge and Poljakoff.

Are you more interested in the body shapes? From Dreadnought to Grand Auditorium or Parlor. You can find them all under one roof in Dedemsvaart, The Netherlands.

We stock new, used and vintage models of almost all brands. See you at TFOA!