11 guitar movies, series and documentaries to get us through these dark days!

11 guitar movies, series and documentaries to get us through these dark days!

Most concerts are canceled so performing or visiting a show is not going to be possible for a while. On top of that all, the weather outside is frightful. But these movies, series en documentaries are so delightful. Pop some corn, switch of the lights and enjoy!


1 Devil at the Crossroads


Available on Netflix



And all of a sudden the Man appeared: Robert Johnson, only to vanish after no more than 27 years. In bits and pieces he recorded one album, but despite of his early death and limited catalogue, he became a legend thanks to his unique way of playing. Rolling, growling and as if his life depended on it. Clapton, Hendrix, Young, King: they've all been influenced by him. This Netflix documentary unravels the story behind this legend.


2 DeWolff in Europe


Available on NPOStart, 2Doc.nl



A great road movie about a power trio with the somewhat ambitious plan to record an album with cassette tapes and an old Tascam recorder whilst being on tour. Because besides playing, the core business of many musicians is waiting, waiting and waiting. And if all you do is sit on a smelly tourbus, you might as well be working on your new album. Right?  Eeeehm... just watch and find out.  


3 Springsteen on Broadway


Available on Netflix



One man, his wife, a piano and a Takamine: we have never seen The Boss so vulnerable. And brilliant.


4 Adje


Available on NPOStart



Our own Dutch guitarhero made a name for himself with his band Vandenberg after which he toured  the world with Whitesnake and AC/DC. In this documentary we see him find his way to the ultimate goal: the restart of Vandenberg in 2020.


5 Coco


Available on Disney+



This is great tip for all ages, because Coco is a wonderful family movie like only Disney/Pixar can make them. Everything is just right: the story, the characters and of course the music. Do you want to persuade a (grand)child to pick up a guitar? Watch this movie, 'Coz, when life gets me down, I play my guitar'.


6 Gitaarjongens in Carré


Available at: NPOStart



Henny Vrienten (Doe Maar) made some calls and got the best guitar players from the Lowlands on stage in the iconic Carré theatre. Harry Sacksioni, JB Meijers, Jan Akkerman, George Kooijmans and many, many others not only show us how good they are, but above all how much they simply enjoy playing guitar.


7 Somebody up there likes me


Available on NLZiet



Painter, smoker, drinker, snorter, father, grandfather, Rolling Stone and guitarist Ronnie Wood explains in this documentary why he has no regrets. Because he played all over the world with the greatest and had a lot of fun along the way. In this intimate documentary he looks back and we get a very special glimpse into his life through a lot of private footage.


8 Keith Richards, Under the influence


Available on Netflix



Of course, if Ronnie gets his own movie, Keith can't be missed. Not as personal as Mr. Wood's film,   because we mainly see Keith Richards recording his solo record.  And while he's doing that, Professor Richards is teaching us the roots of rock&roll. It rambles, it shakes, it squeaks, but boy, do we like  it!


9 Series: Song Exploder


Available on Netflix



This series goes way beyond the guitar, because how did Alicia Keys write and record that one song? How did REM put Losing my Religion on tape? Why is there a mandolin in that song? And a few clapping hands in the drumbeat? At first, there was the podcast in which top musicians tell us, candidly and often a little overwhelmed, about their greatest success: Did I do that? Now there is also a beautifully filmed series. Highly recommended for anyone who makes music with any instrument.


10 The Broken Circle Breakdown


Available on Videoland



A beautiful Flemish film that is almost like a country song itself. Because that's what you get when a  banjo player and a woman from a tattoo shop fall madly in love. Soon after, she's pregnant and their world is turned upside down. A story about love, disappointment, success and above all resilience.  With a soundtrack that will melt any acoustic heart.


11 This is Spinal Tap


On view via: iTunes (3.99 euros)



Autumn doesn't just mean rain, wind, cold and discomfort, because it also brings us the Eleventh of the Eleventh: Nigel Tufnel Day! The guy with an amplifier that goes where no amp has gone before: Eleven! Rob Reiner’s mockumentary shows us some of the ups and a lot of the downs of Tufnel's band Spinal Tap. Indulge yourself with insane hairstyles, exploding drummers, bizarre guitars and dancing dwarves. And a frightening lot of tight pants. To finish of all the clichés,  there is of course a soundtrack with hilarious rock songs. A classic.


Have you seen anything else worth watching? Let us know in the comments!



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