British Design, World Class | Sontronics Microphones

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British Design, World Class | Sontronics Microphones

New at TFOA: Sontronics Microphones. Sontronics are professional quality studio-mics that are handmade in Great Britain. They are used by famous British Producers, as well as the sound engineers at Abbey Road Studios.


How it all started


Back in 2004, musician and audio enthusiast Trevor Coley decided to pursue his dream of creating a range of microphones that delivered professional-quality results at truly affordable prices. He began sketching out designs for innovative-looking mics with classic styling and a unique sound too, thanks to their smooth high-frequency rolloff.


Sontronics was launched at the 2005 NAMM Show with a small range of studio microphones. Since then, they've grown from strength to strength and their range now includes studio condensers, live dynamic mics, valve and ribbon mics, drum and guitar mics as well as op-quality accessories and, of course, their 100% made-in-England SONORA 2 pre-amp.


Their current product line-up boasts 18 microphones, two pre-amps, accessories and cables. 


British Quality


All the products are designed and developed in Dorset, on the south coast of England, by founder Trevor Coley. The prototypes of all their newest models are put through rigorous beta-testing with top British producers including Flood (U2, Editors, The Foals) and Paul Epworth (Adele, Coldplay, U2) as well as several engineers at Abbey Road Studios.


All the microphones are individually checked and tested in the Dorset warehouse before being packed and shipped. You can be sure that every Sontronics microphone has undergone rigorous scrutiny at each stage of the process before it gets to you and your studio.



In this video, we have recorded our Levin M335-M1 with a Sontronics Halo Dynamic Microphone in front of a Fender Twin Reverb Amp. 


Niek, our video- and soundspecialist, had the following to say about the Sontronics Microphones after using them: 


“I have recently been using the Sontronics Halo for recording amplifiers and speaker cabinets here at TFOA. Besides the stylish retro-looks, the great build quality and ease of use it provides me with an honest, true to live representation of the product I want to showcase. I also was pleasantly surprised when I learned that this microphone costs only a fraction of what I thought it would cost. The entire Sontronics product range seems like a slam-dunk when it comes to great quality mics for a decent price. And I’m certainly not the only one who is enthusiastic if the long list of famous Sontronics users is any indication!”


For more information on Sontronics Microphones, feel free to contact us or visit the Sontronics website. 



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