Fender Limited Edition Deluxe 8-string Lap Steel, only at TFOA!

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Fender Limited Edition Deluxe 8-string Lap Steel, only at TFOA!

We've acquired a "Limited Run" of Fender Deluxe Lap Steels, made from vintage parts ! Within Europe they are only available at TFOA (in limited quantity).



In the Fender factory in Japan, a small batch of Lap Steel parts from the nineties was found. With these parts they have made a select number of Deluxe 8-string Lap Steels, which are available in Japan, the USA and in Europe. Within Europe they are only available at TFOA.



The Lap Steel has a classic appearance, based on the USA version from back-in-the-day. She has two single coil pickups with pickup blend control, a master volume knob and a master tone knob; The Lap Steel in its purest form.



She comes in a "perfect-fit" luxury case, one as beautiful as the Lap Steel itself! The woven design not only makes it stylish, but also very sturdy.



In short, a unique chance at a Fender Lap Steel of which only a few were ever built; They'll never be built in the same fashion again.


  1. Maarten Dispa Maarten Dispa

    Hey Paolo,

    I'm afraid we've sold all of them already. Thanks for showing interest though, please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

    All the best,


  2. Paolo Roberto Pianezza Paolo Roberto Pianezza

    Hi I’m interested in the Fender 8 strings, is still available?
    Thank you


  3. Maarten Dispa Maarten Dispa

    Dear Michael, she costs €1500,-! Here's a link to the product page; https://www.tfoa.eu/en/fender-deluxe-8-steel-slide-guitar.html . Rudi says hi back ;)

    All the best,


  4. Michael Michael

    Great! What does it cost??
    Say Hello to Rudi!! It's been a long time...

    Greetings from Duitsland!

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