JOB-OPENING: Repair Technician / Luthier

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JOB-OPENING: Repair Technician / Luthier

The Fellowship of Acoustics in Dedemsvaart, the Netherlands, has grown tremendously fast, and with it our in-house repair- and setup department. This means we are looking for an experienced guitar repair technician or luthier to strengthen our team.

Your job will primarily be the setup of stringed instruments -acoustic and electric- for shipping. When those guitars are ready to be shipped, you will also have the opportunity to repair instruments for our in-store customers who come to us from all over the globe. You will have plenty of space and opportunity to develop your professional skills. The workshop crew is a small,  sociable group of experienced luthiers each with their own unique set of skills. They thrive on learning from each other in order to increase the overall quality of the work they deliver.  


We are looking for:


  • A repair technician or luthier with experience and a passion for both acoustic and electric instruments
  • Someone who is able to independently carry out repairs like:


o   Performing instrument setup

o   Fretwork

o   Repairing cracks

o   Making a nut or bridge-saddle

Installing/replacing a pickup (both acoustic and electric)


  • Someone who has great attention for detail, technical insight and patience. We like to strive for perfection.


  • Someone with a good command of the English language, German or French would be a bonus.


  • Someone who can work under pressure


  • Someone who can pick a tune on a guitar. You don’t have to be John Mayer, but in our experience it does help to translate the wishes and requests of the customer into the setup of a guitar if you can strum a few chords.


Does this sound like you? And are your hands already itching to work with some of the most exclusive instruments in the world? Send your CV along with a motivational letter to: [email protected]


  1. Erik Spijkerman Erik Spijkerman

    Jullie weten wie ik ben
    Veel bijgeleerd laatste 3 jaar
    Wil graag weer terug naar dedemsvaart.
    Woon op loopafstand en per direct beschikbaar.
    Gr Erik

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