New at The Fellowship: Universal Audio, Magnatone, Vemuram and Origin Effects

New at The Fellowship: Universal Audio, Magnatone, Vemuram and Origin Effects

Please allow us to introduce four new great brands in our line up!

The Fellows are always looking for beautiful guitars and gear. Some people love to have juist one guitar, one cable and one amp, but there is just so much more great stuff out there. So much so that it can be overwhelming, making it difficult to choose the right gear.  We know that feeling, but we keep things nice and easy, by making quality our number one priority and that automatically leads us to the best guitars and gear for our store.

That's also how we recently added four new top brands to our range.


Universal Audio

You may have seen them on the desk of some YouTubers: one of those small shiny boxes with a huge button that just seems to sit there doing nothing. We saw one in a Mary Spender,  and Rhett Shull video and a lots of others. After a little research we soon discovered that it's the audio interface of Universal Audio. Simply put, these are boxes to connect your guitar and/or your microphone to your computer. There are a lot of them on the market, but they are not all the same, because in addition to the solid and super user-friendly box itself, Universal Audio offers a software package (for both Mac and Windows) that will make anyone drool. Awesome gear for guitarists and vocalists looking for studio quality equipment.



Some of you may know Universal Audio from the OxBox: a load box that allows you to play any amp on the sweetspot without driving singers, drummers, babies or neighbors crazy. Truly a great device that has already managed to find its way to loads of studios, theatres and bedrooms. Add to that some great modulation pedals and Universal Audio is a brand we are shure you'd love to get acquainted with.



Besides forgotten fruit and vegetables, you also have forgotten amplifiers. Because Magnatone may have lost some attention on the European side of the Atlantic, while rock legends in the US were very much aware of these classic amps.  Buddy Holly, Billy Gibbons, Keith Richards, Neil Young, Robert Cray and many others play these amps from the U.S. of A.




It is striking how different these guitarists sound: from spanky clean, to corny crunch and from ear bleeding leads to some rancid riff tones: it is all there! And that's exactly what makes these amplifiers so good: that real American sound, fat and full, with a unique vibrato here and there and all wrapped up in solid super tight looking cabinet, head or combo that make you stand out, without being an poser. Great Gear!



Looking for a super-exclusive pedal for that one sound? Vemuram is, among other things, the choice of Sound Magician Michael Landau. Producers like John Shanks swear by these pedals, because they are super dynamic and quiet. Mateus Asato also loves them:



The Jan Ray is now a classic, but Vemuram offers many more beautiful things like the Myriad Fuzz and we expect some of these gems in our store in Dedemsvaart very soon.


Origin Effects

Not looking for one pedal for that one sound, but for that One drive pedal 'To End All Drive Pedals? The ultimate all-rounder at your toes? Origin Effects has been offering the RevivalDrive for a few years now and that's one of those stomp boxes that can do anything.




Artists like Chris Buck, David Gilmour and Tony Iommi always want to have access to that legendary Marshall-Plexi sound and the RevivalDrive puts that sound in a very sturdy box, with some other legendary sounds.

In addition, Origin Effects offers more compact and tweaked *HOTROD-ALERT* versions of the RevivalDrive and a compressor that is good enough for the King of Compression: Cory Wong. He uses the Cali76 for his acoustic guitar. These boutique pedals from the UK are ready for the studio and thanks to the high build quality, also for the stage.



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