PRS SE Acoustic 2018 Line-Up at TFOA

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PRS SE Acoustic 2018 Line-Up at TFOA

In January 2018, PRS decided to start off the year with a bang by announcing an entirely new lineup of PRS SE Acoustics. It’s safe to say that a lot of time was dedicated to researching and play-testing these new instruments.

The Body Shapes




The Angelus body shape was born from the talented makers at the Private Stock Acoustics department. A tried and true PRS body shape, the Angelus has appeared on earlier SE Acoustic creations and cemented itself as a staple. The cutaway offers easy access to the higher frets while maintaining a surprising fullness of tone despite less body mass. 



A fresh sound was added to the lineup with the addition of the Tonare Grand body shape, a first-ever in the SE acoustic lineup, but not an unfamiliar shape to PRS. The Tonare Grand body shape first made its appearance in 2009 as a Private Stock Acoustic model, but was re-imagined as an SE. The Tonare body shape offers a pronounced low-end warmth with phenomenal note detail.




Both the Angelus and Tonare body shapes are offered in three unique wood combinations: mahogany, ovangkol, and maple back and sides - all with solid Sitka spruce tops. The different wood combinations, along with the body shapes and bracing patterns, uniquely voice each acoustic. Here’s an in-depth look: 



The AX20E is bright, chimey and articulate whilst the TX20E is balanced, clear and has a punchy midrange. 



The A40E has a nice midrange focus, a sweet highend and is articulate throughout. The T40E on the other hand has a great bass response, long sustain and deep overtones. 



The A50E is bright and upfront, being very dynamic en straight to the point. The T50E however is balanced, present and has a powerful attack. 



Here's a video of Paul himself explaining the new SE line-up! Fun fact; the music in the background is played by non-other than Tony McManus on the new T50E model. Tony has visited our shop before and has provided us with a fantastic workshop ánd concert at our 


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