Universal Audio OX Masterclass by Jaap Kwakman

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Universal Audio OX Masterclass by Jaap Kwakman

You've probably seen the "OX Amp Top Box" pass by, it is the latest development of Universal Audio.


OX is a premium loadbox and recording system that gives you beautiful studio-miked sounds in combination with your favorite tube amp. OX lets you play and record your amp on its sweet spots - from grand clean tones, to fully open - at any volume level, and with emulation of microphone, space and speaker cabinet at your disposal with the turn of a button.


Jaap Kwakman (known for his work with the 3Js) is a fanatic user of the OX and even says that it has made him a better guitarist. He'll be providing the masterclass and show you the possibilities of the OX! The event will start around 3:00 PM:


 - Piece of history of Universal Audio,
 - What is the OX?
 - How Jaap uses the OX,
 - A hands-on demo with the OX,
 - Q & A.

The masterclass is completely free and will take place in-store at TFOA, reservation is welcome but not compulsory, you can walk-in if you feel like it. It's going to be a fantastic masterclass, see you there! To wrap things up, here is a video of Jaap playing on the OX: http://bit.ly/JaapKwakmanOXTopBox


"Making sounds for our upcoming club tour, here you can hear a '73 Les Paul deluxe amplifier in plexi mode through a UAD Ox Box (loadbox) .This is how a real amplifier sounds."


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