We Buy, Sell & Trade Vintage Guitars!

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We Buy, Sell & Trade Vintage Guitars!

Here at TFOA we buy, sell & trade vintage guitars! Read more for information concerning our rates and prices.

If you have a Vintage Guitar you are looking to part with, we're the place to be! We have a great love for Vintage Instruments and will assure you they are taken care of properly.


We are especially interested in Vintage Guitars from brands like Martin, Gibson, Fender, Gretsch & Epiphone. We offer two options; 


 - Buy: We can offer you 65-70% of the estimated sale price, which will be estimated by our experts here at TFOA. 


 - Trade-In: We can offer you 75-80% of the estimated sale price, which will be estimated by our experts here at TFOA. As long as you trade your item in on an item of your choice from our store, which must be over €1.500,-. 


Of course these rates and prices are negotiable to a certain degree, feel free to contact us if you would like more information! You can reach us on 0523 232 205 or info@tfoa.eu , thanks and we look forward to hearing from you! 



  1. Maarten Dispa Maarten Dispa

    Dear Freddy, would you be able to send some pictures of the gear and your deal to us at info@tfoa.eu, then we'll make the deal over email which is a bit easier for us! Ofcourse you are also very welcome to stop by our store. - Maarten

  2. Maarten Dispa Maarten Dispa

    Ha Henk, mooi om te horen! Zou je een mailtje willen sturen naar info@tfoa.eu met wat foto's van jou Ovations? Dan kunnen we even kijken of we een deal kunnen maken :) Je bent uiteraard ook altijd welkom om langs te komen met de gitaren, dan handelen we het ter plekke af. - Maarten

  3. Freddy Freddy

    hello ,

    i have one guitar and one Amp that i would like to trade for a Maybach Lester 59 or 60 .
    my equipment that i would like to trade is a Jackson San Dimas Adrian Smith DK made in USA , the guitar was manufactured in 2007 ( one of the first 100 that were build ) the guitar is very good condition and its shows natural relic signs , like color fades , some dings and pickguard that was withe and now is turned in parchment color , the guitar was fully set up in Belgium by TAO Guitars with Low action and it plays like a dream .
    on top of that i have a Marshal SL-5 5W Combo all tube amp as well in perfect condition .
    i have photos of my gear that i can share and i can come to your shop as well please let me know in case that you are interested.

  4. Henk de lange Henk de lange

    Geachte heer en of dame, bij deze ben ik geïnteresseerd in Gibson j-45. Ik wil daarvoor graag 2 oude Ovations voor inruilen. 1 model 1111-1 met serie nr. 102873 en model 1613 met serie nr.290172 . met vriendelijke groeten henk .

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