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Hense 550 HT Classical Nylon High Tension
The Professional Series 550 HT allows the solo artist to make full use of the sonic possibilities of...
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Hense plectrum Midnight MNT140 1.4mm Spielkanten
Triangle (346) Flatpick made of Midnight Blue plastic, extremely loud and clear tone, but very littl...
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Hense Plectrum Jazz Happy Turtle Milchstein 1.5
Beautiful standard (351) Flatpick made from real milkstone (these picks should not be washed or sub...
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Hense 500 Medium Tension
Hense Classic Strings 500 MT / green
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Hense 557HT Bass Set High Tension
The Bass-Set from the 550HT set.
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Hense 550MT Klassieke Gitaar Nylon Medium Tension
The 550mt classical guitar strings with clear Nylon diskant and powerful but clear sound. High Quali...
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