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Concert Guitars

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Jonas de Kesel Competa Torres
This guitar is based on instrument from the end of the 19th century (Torres), and this can be seen b...
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Salvador Cortez CC22 Solid Top Quality Starters guitar
The solid top artist series offer uncompromised sound quality at incredible prices.
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Salvador Cortez CC22 Junior 3/4 SOLID top classical guitar
The solid top artist series offer uncompromised sound quality at incredible prices.
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Cordoba Solista Cedar Concert Espana
This guitar features a solid quarter-sawn Canadian cedar top that produces a warm, rich, and melodic...
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Salvador-Cortez CS-32
Salvador Cortez Guitars are built with great care and attention to detail.
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Dragan Musulin M1 Brazilian German Spruce 1982
Besides its impeccable tonal qualities the most intriguing feature of this guitar are its stunning B...
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Cordoba GK Pro Negra
The GK Pro Negra is the ultimate gigging nylon string guitar for professional musicians.
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George Lowden 1A mastermade Classical Guitar 1995
To find a mastermade George Lowden classical guitar a rare occurence, we have only had a handful go ...
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Alhambra 5P
The soundboard, amajor influence on the guitar’s sound, of the Alhambra 5p consists of a thin pie...
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Alhambra 1C
Right out of the box, the Alhambra 1c student model guitar will surprise you with its build quality ...
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Alhambra Z Nature
Alhambra has made with the Z-Nature model an instrument with great volume, excellent build quality a...
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Alhambra Premier Pro Exotico Cedar Concert guitar
The exotic Alhambra Premier Pro model is a guitar that offers a powerful, deep and detailed sound.
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Alhambra Signature Linea Professional Cedar Concert
The Luthier Mengual y Margarit signature features an exquisite French Polish finish and tremendous s...
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Milestone La Espagnola 1A Ramirez III Model Cedar 2015
Milestones are incredible guitars and they might very well be one of the biggest surprises in your l...
€3.250,00 €2.500,00
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Anton Wiegers 1A Concert Classical brazilian Cedar 1979
Classical Concert guitar crafted by Anton Wiegers in 1979.
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Estrada Gomez Concert Classical 1A 2006
A very interesting guitar from the hands of Argentinean luthier Estrada Gomez, who enjoys a great r...
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Philipp Neumann Wave Classical Concert 2006 Ex Sigi Schwab
This "Wave" model Classical concert guitar combines both traditional elements with a more modern app...
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Antonio Sanchez Model 1025 1991
Antonio Sanchez is one of the most prominent Spanish luthiers based in the Valencia province.
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Anton Wiegers Van Gogh 1983
Anton is a Dutch Luthier who is well known for building high-quality, great sounding instruments.
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Pascal Quinson 1a Classical Concert Guitar 2000
ascal Quinson lives in Montauban, near Toulouse in the South-West of France where he builds the mos...
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Alhambra 9P CW E8
This guitar is an excellent solution to those who are willing to express modern music with a classy ...
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Guitarras Camps Primera Negra A Rosewood
Guitarras Camps produces high-quality classical and flamenco guitars, but within a budget that is af...
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Juan Estruch 1a Concert classical CD-IRW 1979
This guitar was built by Juan Estruch Pipó, a third generation Estruch following his father Juan Es...
€2.500,00 €1.990,00
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Concert Guitars

In addition to our large selection of acoustic westerns, we are also proud owners of a fine collection of classical guitars. From beginner or professional to collector, we have a concert guitar for everyone.

More info about Concert Guitars

When saying concert guitar, we mean a traditional Spanish guitar (which is why it is often called the Spanish guitar) that is strung with Nylon. In addition, the Flamenco guitar also exists.

The classical guitar often has a simple and symmetrical shape. The sound is rounder and warmer than that of the western, which is strung with steel strings. In addition, nylon strings play lighter than steel strings, which is very pleasant for beginning guitarists.

For concert guitars the quality of the top is of the greatest importance for the sound, the most commonly used types of wood are Cedar or Spruce.

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