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Dutch Auction! Going once… Going twice… SOLD!

For a limited time only, The Fellowship of Acoustics is changing their regular store into a good old-fashioned auction! This means over 200 products will be auctioned off, of course in our own TFOA-Style.
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Electric Models
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Taylor 210CE lefty 2009
In stock
Adrian Farmer D28C 1996
In stock
Valley Arts Custom Pro 2003
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Dutch Auction! Going once… Going twice… SOLD!

Starting on the 12th of April, there will be four full days of 10% discount on the selected products. After this, all the remaining products will go for a 15% discount for another four days. This process will repeat itself till we hit a 30% discount, ending on the 1st of May! So be quick, and grab that guitar & gear of choice before someone else takes it away from you!


12-04 / 15-04: 10% Discount

16-04 / 19-04: 15% Discount

20-04 / 23-04: 20% Discount

24-04 / 27-04: 25% Discount

28-04 / 01-05: 30% Discount

No trade-ins, consignments or reservations!

All the products selected by us can be found on our website in this category, all the products will automatically receive the above mentioned discount! These rules do not apply to the shipping-costs, trade-in deals or consignment deals. Products in this category can also nót be reserved.

Feel free to contact us if you would like more information, happy auctioning folks!