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Vega Fairbanks Whyte Laydie 1910
When it comes to classic banjo designs, the Whyte Laydie is one of the most iconic instruments.
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Washburn Banjo 5 String Ca. 1910
This Washburn has a Five Star head, is easy to play and has a bright yet full and great sound.
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Deering Goodtime 'Gentlemen of the Road' Banjo
The GOTR (Gentlemen of the Road) Goodtime Banjo is the long-awaited Mumford & Sons banjo, built for ...
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Deering Goodtime Junior Banjo
The Goodtime Jr. it is a shorter scale version of its famous Goodtime Openback sibling.
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Goldstar GF 100 JD Crowe Model
Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the continuing tradition.
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Gold Star GF100W Wreath
Gold Star has captured the sound that drew players such as J.D. Crowe, Earl Scruggs and Sonny Osborn...
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Ashbury AB85 5 String Openback Banjo
The Ashbury AB55 is an openback back banjo fitted with a scooped Ovangkol fretboard and has a fantas...
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Ashbury AB45 5 String Resonator Banjo
The AB45 is a warm sounding instrument with beautiful inlay on the fretboard and headstock.
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Ashbury AB55 Openback Banjo
A lovely warm sounding instrument, the Ashbury AB55 is an openback back banjo fitted with a Whyte La...
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Deering Goodtime Two 17-Fret Tenor Banjo
This American maple tenor banjo is lighter in weight with a clear tone that is warm and resonant.
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Deering Vega Old Tyme Wonder 12 Inch Banjo
The Old Time Wonder is reliable and exceptional in tone, playability, versatility and responsiveness...
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Deering Kavanjo pickup 5-string
The Kavanjo Banjo Pickup System is a magnetic humbucking pickup and jack suspended from a customized...
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Deering Goodtime 6-String G6S
The Goodtime Six was not designed to replace the guitar, but rather complement it. It affords guitar...
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Deering Goodtime banjo 5 OB
The Goodtime Banjo, their most standard and starters model with a high standard set for quality. The...
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Deering Eagle II 5 string Banjo
The Eagle II banjo represents the latest in tone ring innovation from the collaborative efforts of G...
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The Banjo has its own characteristic sound and can't be missed in music genres such as folk, country and bluegrass. The specific sound is made by the tightly strung hide (or plastic) over the body. 

There are many kinds of Banjos available: The classic 5 stringed Banjo (also known as the Bluegrass-banjo), the tenor-banjo and for example the guitar banjo which has 6 strings and is tuned just like a guitar. 

Banjos offer a distinct sound that can't be found elsewhere, TFOA offers a wide array of Banjos and we would be happy to assist you whilst finding the most suitable instrument for you.