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Any Consignment sale begins with an evaluation, making Studio quality pictures, cleaning and setting up the guitar, putting on new strings, Web-marketing etc. The -Set-up-costs are €200,00 for every guitar up to €4000,- . Above this pricerange the setup costs are calculated in our profit and will only be charged when we are not able to sell the guitar. 

Whenever you withdraw the Consignment these set-up costs cover all the costs for cleaning, polishing, Periodic restring, photographing and advertising. 

There is a limited time to a consignment of 1 Year. We advise you to review your Sale and the Sales price at least every 3 Month. Both the Consignor and Consignee are allowed to end the Consignment contract at any time.


Consignment fee

The Consignment fee covers all the other costs including Payment/Sales costs for creditcard, Paypal, Ebay*, shipping to the buyer, and our sales commission (fees below).


Set-up costs 

Sales price up to

Consignment Fee % **




€200,- (only valid at non-sale)



€200,- (only valid at non-sale)



€200,- (only valid at non-sale)



When a sales price is above €50.000 consignment fees are 15% including all the costs. The start-up costs are valid at all time.


* Consider the following before bringing in an instrument for consignment: We are experienced sellers, when an instrument must sell fast there's only one way - a reasonable price-

**Percentages are Per-Instrument/Not for the Whole of a consignment.

***When your consigned instrument is sold, we will pay immediatly after the right of return (30 days) is exceeded. However If an instrument is sold with issues that extend the legal right to return, we hold the right to extend this payment period. 

Whenever you plan to consign your instrument, Call us on +31(0)523-23-2205 or email us at [email protected] 

Consignment arrangements by appointment only.