Marshall 2061X Handwired 20W and 2061CX Cab

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Marshall 2061X Handwired 20W and 2061CX Cab

The two-channel 20 Watt Handwired 2061X is an authentic re-issue of the 2061 ‘Lead and Bass’ head from the late ’60s and early ’70s. And just like the original 2061, it produces that highly desirable, hand-soldered, vintage, all-valve sound in a compact small box design. The 2061X’s classic tone is produced by two ECC83 valves in the preamp, a pair of cathode biased EL84s in the power stage and a silicon diode rectifier. The solid-state rectifier gives the 2061X an aggressive edge, which makes it sound surprisingly contemporary.

It sounds at its best when cranked, and because of its lower power, the 2061X’s EL84s will overdrive at a relatively low volume, making it incredibly flexible, whether in the studio or for live performance. Having said that, at full tilt the 2061X is pretty loud, while remaining sensitive to playing dynamics.

The 60 Watt 2061CX is a hand-soldered, 2 x 12″ cabinet designed to be matched with the 2061X Handwired head. The 2061CX has an authentic vintage look, and is unusual for a 2 x 12″ speaker configuration in that, although smaller, it has the look of a 4 x 12″ cab. The 2061X is loaded with two 30 Watt Celestion reissue G12H-30s. Used in near mint condition.

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