Collings Winfield CWBaaaA BRW - AD 2008

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Collings Winfield CWBaaaA BRW - AD 2008


Collings CW BaaaA, 2008. Many Bluegrass players consider this Collings CWBaaaA to be the holy grail of dreadnoughts. Automatically concluding there has never been a better guitar, maybe except for the Herringbone 1937 original D-28 first owned by Clarence White and now in possession of Tony Rice that was the template for this Famous Collings Winfield. But pre-war D-28's come with price-tags starting at around 100.000Euro; and are therefore only within reach for the lucky few who can afford one. If you feel there is downside to old guitars, because the construction from the early experimental years might have taken a toll on playability and condition of these pre-war boomers, this is likely one of those ultimate guitars of the new 'Golden Era' we seem to be in right now. 

These guitars are perhaps even outdoing the oldies since they are constructed with all the Luthier-wisdom gathered over hundreds of years and the added knowledge of Bill Collings. Certainly it's even rarer than any Pre-war herringbone, and will likely sound similar after some years of playing, and grow value in a similar way. This one already matured very nicely.. The incredible set of oldgrowth, AAA grade South American Rosewood used for its back and sides is in great condition. It is Old growth South American Rosewood that was cut way back. It's said, and I agree, this type of South American Rosewood brings out the very best in guitars. 

The deep dark barking growl in the background brings a smile to your face, and the roundness of matured Adirondack adds that magical tonal dimension people buy vintage guitars for. We certainly should spend a few words on the perfectly grained wide (but not to wide) to small grained Adirondack spruce, it's common knowledge that the wide to small grained Adirondack structure delivers the best tone. But it's very seldom to find a perfectly grained Adirondack spruce top, and this one is about the closest to perfection you can get! It means the tree where this wood came from, lived a life according to our (musicians) rules, thats just good luck, since the Adirondack spruce tree was first undergoing severe frosty winters and cool summers that were slowly changing into warmer summers and short winters. Adirondack often shows a bit of red lining hence for the nickname 'red spruce' and it shows very nicely in this beautiful top without getting to reddish! 

Most striking when you play the guitar is its incredible deepness and the growl mentioned earlier. If you strum it hard, you expect it will refuse to give back what you have put into it, but this guitar only lets you know you will have to work much harder to find its limits! This CWBaaaA invites you to explore its endless dynamic range. This guitar was built with a bluegrass-player in mind that prefers a neck width that's just a bit wider, 43.6mm (1 23/32″) at the nut, the fingerspacing at the bridge is 57mm and the scale length is 650mm. The neck on this guitar doesn’t have the chunky baseball feel but is more or less a modern standard profile, making it very comfortable to play. Collings no longer offers Brazilian Rosewood in its range or specs-list, so it’s rare, and extremely expensive. That is why these unique instruments are only available pre-owned. This guitar is in excellent condition with playwear and nailmarks primarily on the top and back of the neck. Includes hardshell case and CITES Certificate. We're selling this guitar in consignment.

Model Features:

Body Shape Dreadnought
Body South American Rosewood
Top AAA Adirondack Spruce
Finish Natural
Neck Material Mahogany
Neck Shape Very light V
Fretboard Material Ebony
Fretboard Radius 21"
Bridge Ebony
Scale Length 650mm (25,6")
Nutwidth 43.6mm (1 23/32″)
String spacing         57mm (2 1/4")
Tuners Open geared Waverly
Pickup x
Comes with Hardshell Case
Remarks Used guitar with 1 year warranty

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