Mesa Boogie

Mesa Boogie V-Twin Preamp Pedal Used

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Mesa Boogie V-Twin Preamp Pedal Used

Used pedal in excellent condition.

Mesa Boogie V-Twin Preamp. This is no one-trick stomp box. With three modes, four stages of all-tube preamp circuitry and dedicated outputs for host amps, power amps and recording consoles, this fortress of a pedal is a fully evolved footswitching preamp. It's supremely capable of producing pristine clean sounds and delivering purring blues tones and truly outrageous high-gain rock or metal sounds. Two out of three of these dedicated modes are footswitchable, and it includes a Bypass for use with host amps. It even has headphone capability that will embarrass the effects-laden digital wanna be's. Can also be plugged into any power amp - including the PA.

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