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Alhambra 5P CW E2

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Alhambra 5P CW E2

Made from great quality woods, Red Cedar for the top and laminated Indian Rosewood for the back and sides, the first thing calling your attention is the light weight. That is the kind of instrument that will ring and vibrate. A beautiful and high quality Ebony for fingerboard! As you turn the guitar you remark the neck is reinforced with an ebony strip instead of truss rod. Compacter and lighter it conduct the vibration way better to the body and allow to guitar to fully vibrate from the head to bottom of the body. You really feel it as you strum the first chords. Crafted with great skills, the Alhambra 5P cw E2 is a beautiful instrument that pleases the eyes as well as the ears and fingertips. Bright and pleasing trebles harmonize with solid and full basses. This awesome guitar sound can best be described as clear, well-balanced with great dynamics. Like always with Alhambra Guitars, rich tone is couple to a comfortable action. Used guitar in mint condition. (sells new at 1062 Euro)


TOP:  Solid Red Cedar
SIDES & BACK: Indian Rosewood
NECK: Mahogany Reinforced  with Ebony Wood
PICKUP: E2 Fishman Prefix Pro Blend

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