Red Witch

Red Witch Fuzz God I Germanium Used

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Red Witch Fuzz God I Germanium Used

First version Fuzz God 1, rare! The Fuzz God is a celestial device featuring two hand picked, new old stock, Germanium transistors. 

The Fuzz God allows you to create fuzzyness of epic proportions (think red seas parting, burning bushes, pillars of salt etc). From your classic fuzz tones of the sustaining, soulful, singing kind through to those of utter chaos - encompassing suboctave madness, parasitic sustain and out of control fax machine dial lunacy.  Used pedal with signs of use and velcro on the bottom. Does not include battery, adapter, original packaging.

Volume - This controls the output Volume - convert the masses quietly or with blasting trumpets (err, guitars)

Fuzz - From a gentle break up to a singing beam of fuzz, you decide!

Wrath - All gods have it and the Lord of the Fuzz is no different - click this only to smite the most brazen of unbelievers. When engaged (by depressng the lightning bolt footswitch) you can dial up all manner of destruction SubOctave thunder, eternally sustained notes, squealing high frequency note corruption and a myriad number of other terrifying tones.

Sputter - Choose from a smooth singing fuzz to a ragged, rough, sputty gated mess and anything in between.

Awaken - A super sturdy truebypass switch to engage the Fuzz God effect.

The Fuzz God uses two hand selected Germanium transistors and we strongly believe that these sound best when used with a carbon cell battery, rather than an external power supply unit. Therefore the fuzz unit only will function when connected to a 9v battery. Current draw is extremely low so that, as long as you turn it off after use (by disconnecting the input plug from the jack socket) a standard 9v battery will last a very long time. The 9v battery is easily accessed by removing the four screws from the base of the unit and lifting off the back panel.  In near mint condition with some traces of use.

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