Rivera Suprema Jazz 112 50 watt

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Rivera Suprema Jazz 112 50 watt

Rivera voiced this amp to be able to stay clean and keep all it’s headroom even at loud volumes.  Normal electric guitar amps are meant to break-up when pushed for the slight overdrive tone.  Well not this amp!  The Jazz Suprema has the most amount of headroom possible in a 55watt configuration.  Tone controls like Middle “pull for Notch, Treble “Bright” and Focus “Pull Fat” allow you to tailor your jazz tone matching any Archtop guitar and pickup configuration. best amp for jazz The Pull-Notch on the Middle control can cut out feedback on your Archtop.  The Pull “Fat” gives a big bottom boost.  The Treble “Bright” adds a nice shimmer to the top end for those complex chords to cut through the mix.  The Focus control allows you to tighten or loosen your speaker.  This Focus is great if you’re in a situation where a room might be to boomy and you need to tighten up the bass.  Also, included is a Foot switchable spring reverb.

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