Fender Vibroverb Amp 1964 Blackface

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Fender Vibroverb Amp 1964 Blackface

Beautiful original vintage Fender Vibroverb made in 1964. This black-faced gem has been kept in great condition during it's lifetime, and it still sounds as wonderful as ever. Original down to the speaker and the shiny kickstands. These Vibroverb amps are so rare that you will have a hard time finding a 2nd one on sale worldwide. Considered to be the most collectible and rare Amp Fender made. Features: 40 Watt 1x15" , and the first one ever with Reverb, made famous by the late Stevie Ray Vaughan who considered it his favorite amp. With typical blackface features such as LDR type tremolo. This Amp is favoured among many blues and rock artist and it's extremely rare to find one like this in such fine collectible condition. 110Volt, 40 Watt Power, 1x original 15" JBL speaker,  8Ohm,  2 channel amp with one Normal channel that excist of: Volume/Treble/Bass, and one 2nd channel with Volume/Treble/Bass/Reverb/Speed/Intensity.

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