Stolen Guitars

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Stolen Guitars

In the night of 5 on 6 June we had some "customers" after our opening hours in our store who decided to take some guitars home without paying. We have them on camera as they break through a window but the guitars were long gone before we found out. Please share and keep an eye open! This advertisement is written to be found in Google search results, if you happen to find or are being offered one of these guitars, please contact us at  or call at 0031523-232205.

These are the guitars:

Music Man Luke III Candy Red - G77928
Music Man Luke III HH Hazelburst - G59498
Music Man Luke III Blueberry Flame Burst - G59105
Rebelrelic P90 Tele - 62092
Guild M-75 Aristocrat Black - KSG1500272
Peerless Cremona - PE3017194
Mayones Legend Jeans Blue - LT61502042

All guitars are without cases and any certificates on them.

Thank you for sharing!


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