TFOA 15 Year Anniversary Sale!

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TFOA 15 Year Anniversary Sale!

10% discount on your purchase now, and 10% on your next purchase within a year from now* (valid till June 15 2018) IMPORTANT: The discounts will not be visible on our website, please call of mail us to get the discount!

These are the 15th ann sale conditions:

Find your instrument on the site and Request for 10% Discount

Below the story how it all began and evolved..

Last spring I realized that it must have been 15 years or so since I decided it’s time for a change. Hence In February 2002 I sold my landscape company. According to my wife it was the natural consequence of the "seven year itch", and maybe she was right ?! Indeed, I always had great trouble doing the same thing for a longer time. After graduating in technology, I soon learned this tech-job is not my cup of tea so I switched to nursing mentally handicapped people, a job I like quite a lot, if it weren’t for things going very slow there.  In 1992 I opened my first true enterprise; selling and growing Rhododendrons, slowly evolving to a garden center and landscape design company. But another seven years made me realize it’s not all gold and shimmer either, so I sold the company in 2002. Then I planned on doing nothing for half a year, but being the entrepreneur I am, it was virtually impossible for me to do nothing.

Hence I bought the first 6 vintage Martin guitars in June 2002 and they were sold in no time! That is 15 years ago!  Until 2006 TFOA was a one man shop, but after that it went fast and slowly we employed more people. Even my children (Laura and Coen) came to join me and are now an integral part of the Fellowship of Acoustics today, making TFOA a real family business. Now I come to think about it; At TFOA employs only enthusiastic talented musicians each with their own specialization, Erwin, Laura and Harry with their repair skills make TFOA much more than just another store, every repair including difficult body of restorations can be fixed at TFOA these days and we also do many repairs for other stores. Marc, Niek and Coen manage sales and the website and their product knowledge is impeccable.

Between 2008 and 2011 and despite the financial crisis the world was suffering from- we doubled our turnaround and we had to look for a new accommodation preferably with the same charm as the old store. This search took over three years, after which we moved to this impressive monumental building in Dedemsvaart in 2015 where we are in now. Over the last few years TFOA Dedemsvaart we have even expanded with a small dinner, theater and music school. One of the greatest compliments we ever got came from a touring band from the heart of the music scene "Nashville" who recently visited us, calling TFOA the place to go, and that's a big compliment knowing what Nashville has to offer.

Over the years I learned that a musician is another ‘breed’, just different from others, special in many ways, in general it’s a breed of humble, social and compassionate people, and maybe that’s the reason why I have been doing this job for 15 years now. Whether it's the two brain halves that work simultaneously only in a musicians mind, or maybe I’m just me imagining this(?!); but for sure, it's "my kind or people" and I feel at home here!

Thank you for 15 years friendship! And I hope you can appreciate our 15th anniversary offer!


• The discount is applicable on all stock items* except Consignment sale and Special offers
• Trades are not allowed unless accordingly low and approved by our Staff.
• The 2nd 10% can be purchase until June 15, 2018.
• Store credit cannot be used for payment.
• All methods of payment accepted.
• Max 1 product discountable.
• The voucher for the next 10% is only valid when signed by TFOA staff.

*Repairs, parts, accessoiries and labour are not applicable for discount.

*Fender, Gretsch, Mesa/Boogie and Taylor products are excluded from the sale

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