Marble Clubreverb 2220

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Marble Clubreverb 2220

Whether you play jazz, country, blues or rock, the Clubreverb is what you need for sessions and clubgigs .This amp will perform big on small and medium sized stages. Great versatility is offered with the class A – class AB switching option. Producing a warm class A tone just like the Bluebird-model as well as offering more power with sofisticated tone when switched to class AB. A tube generated reverb is standard.

  • hi/lo inputs, bright switch, volume, treble, middle, bass, reverb
  • speaker: Weber Alnico 12
  • poweroutput: switchable 30-45W
  • pre-amp: 2x12AX7A and 2x 12AT7WC
  • poweramp: 2x 5881 / 6L6GC
  • rectifier: 1x 5AR4

We redesigned the Clubreverb for full tonal flexibility! The unique, revised circuitry of the Clubreverb makes a combination of tweed, brownface as well as blackface characteristics audible. It features a bright switch, volume, treble, middle, bass and reverb control. Spoken in tweed terms the Clubreverb is the amp that never was. It is an intermediate in power and breakup characteristics between the Marble Bluebird and Marble Roadking. The powertubes of the Clubreverb can be switched from cathode-biased to voltage-biased mode. The Class A cathode-biased mode delivers 30 watts of compressed tone with singing qualities, great for recording and smaller gigs. In voltage-biased Class AB mode the Clubreverb delivers 45 watts. This setting works better in medium sized venues with enough power to cut through the sound of the band.
Standard fitted with a tube-generated reverb unlike its tweed predecessors, a wonderful black-face type of reverb can easily be produced. The reverb effect is created through a tube-generated circuitry driving a long spring Accutronics reverb unit.

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