Rodenberg GAS-828 Dual Overdrive Pedal

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Rodenberg GAS-828 Dual Overdrive Pedal

Looking inside the GAS-828 you will find Two GAS-808 pedals put together in the same case, connected serial. Each of them has their own Tone- Drive and Level knobs, as well as their own Bass-Boost switches. The second in line can be switched over into GAS-909 Mode which features more gain. Besides that the GAS-828 has been given an extra switch for Bolt or Serial using mode. Also new is the GO! Rocker Switch for Momentary Using Mode.

Finally the new GAS-828 includes a True Bypass switching system, with less switching noise!

  • GO! Rocker Switch: When switched to 'ON' the second 808 (red) runs in GO! Mode. The GO! Rocker Switch activates the second 808 (red) to momentary mode. The second GAS (red) is activated by stepping on the footswitch and keeping it pressed, and returns to the previous setting by letting go again.

    • The GO! mode changes the second footswitch (GAS 808 red) to a Momentary Switch for single notes or little Fill Ins - only active when stepped on!
    • In Serial Mode the second GAS (red) is switched in series to the actual setting, in Bolt Mode it will switch off the previous sound setting and activate the second 808 (red).
  • Bolt Rocker Switch: When switched to 'ON' the pedal runs in Bolt Mode.

    • Bolt-Mode: Each GAS can be activated by pushing the usual On-Off switch on the pedal top but only one of them can be used when put on Bolt Mode. The Advantage: Switching from GAS 1 to GAS 2 is only one footstep away, without having to disactivate GAS 1. It shuts off automatically. Same way around when going from GAS 2 to GAS 1.

    • Serial-Mode: Both GAS can be run at once without getting across each other. This way both GAS can be run Serial.

  • Bass Boost Switches: When switched to 'ON' the pedal runs in Bass Boost Mode. Both GAS pedals have their own Bass Boost Switch to push the lower frequencies. The switch for the first 808 (blue) is located on the right side, the switch for the second 808 (red) is located on the left side.

  • 909 Rocker Switch - More Gain: When switched to 'ON' the second 808 (red) runs in 909-Mode. The second 808 (red) can be switched over into GAS-909-mode which features more gain.

  • Jacks: You will find the Input Jack righthandside and the Output Jack lefthandside the GAS-828.

  • External power supply: On the rear of the pedal you can find the Jack for an external power supply. Its a standard jack (2,1mm). You can use the usual adapters for floor effects (9V DC,+ = outside ring, ground = inside). The GAS-828 can be driven only with an external power supply - not with battery.

Special features:

  • Two totally independent GAS units in one pedal
  • Drive- and Tone controls are moved to the top
  • Added switch for more gain on GAS 2 (GAS-909)
  • Added 'Bolt/Serial'-switch for two different working modes
  • Added 'GO!' switch for momentary switching mode of the second GAS
  • Illuminated rocker switches when switched to 'ON'
  • Specially dimensioned and selected components = overdrive at its best!
  • True Bypass with less switching noise
  • 'Long-Life'-foot switch
  • Two Overdrive-, Level- and Tone-knobs
  • Two 'Bass-Boost'-switches
  • Upside blending of lasered high-grade steel
  • Extremely bright blue and red Jewel-LEDs
  • Power supply by external AC/DC-adapter
  • Handmade in small series

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