Music Man

Music Man HD-130 Reverb Stack (1970s) Clapton-Knopfler amp+cab

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Music Man HD-130 Reverb Stack (1970s) Clapton-Knopfler amp+cab

Yes! this is rare alright, you never see them around, i even didn't find a single one on the net for sale.. It's the same Musicman stack Eric Clapton used in the 70s.

From a test by Vintage guitar magazine: Intended to be the masterpiece of a titan in guitar-amp design, Music Man amps of the mid/late ’70s are all too easily mistaken for copies or wannabes chasing a market leader. Far from it, however, this flagship model really is the final evolution in a sonic goal Leo Fender had been working toward for three decades, even if it was introduced into a world largely chasing different sonic goals at the time.

Just as Fender’s clear objective through the tweed era and into the Tolex years was always wrapped up in the quest for “clean, clarity, headroom,” Music Man amps arrived on day one born to do just that, and in ways intended to leave Fender’s Twin Reverb – then produced under C.B.S. ownership – entirely in the dust. As such, the HD-130 Reverb makes a great lesson in the thinking of the day – a glimpse at what could briefly have been considered the state of the art in mid-’70s amplification. NO SHIPPING

Nothing more to add.. call for a handson description 0031523-232205

Preamp tubes: solidstate preamp circuit with 12AX7 phase-inverter tube.
Output tubes: four 6CA7 (similar to EL34)
Rectifier: solidstate
Controls: Volume, Treble, Bass on “Normal” channel; Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, Intensity, Speed on “Reverb/Tremolo” channel; shared Master.
Output: 65 watts or 130 watts RMS.

Cab 4x12

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