Ziggabox Mini Mobile Amplifier Intemperance 2

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Ziggabox Mini Mobile Amplifier Intemperance 2

For a long time we have been using our Ziggabox cigar box guitars through "normal" guitar amps of all shapes and sizes, but now finally Peter Ruppel from Ziggabox has provided us with matching small amplifiers built into cigar box cases! These truly great sounding little monsters provide you with the right amount of mojo to match your cool Ziggabox instrument, all in an extremely portable and battery powered package. All Ziggabox products are handmade and unique. This specific amp has been packaged in a nice and dark Intemperance case, the 25Watt speaker has a black speaker grill with a small metal Ziggabox logo, the on/off switch can be found on the front, the battery can be reached on the bottom of the case where alsoe 4 tiny weels have been attached, the top of the amp contains a handle.

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