Ziggabox Cigar Box 49 CAO

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Ziggabox Cigar Box 49 CAO

These small Bluesboxes have had a big cult following for years in the USA, but also here in Europe more and more people are getting wind of these fantastic instruments. It's based on a cigarbox, a neck with or without frets and a pickup. For the bridge, saddles, knobs and sound holes there are no limits for what can be done. These instruments sounds powerfull and authentic, perfect for blues.

The classic cigar box guitar has at least three strings and is tuned in open G. Even those who have never played guitar will be playing hits like Smoke on the water, cocain, hit the road jack and sweet home alabama within minutes. But also professional players and guitargod Jimi Hendrix have shown us what's possible on only 3 strings.

These Ziggabox instruments are unique handbuilt instruments made by Peter Ruppel. Each instrument sounds different and looks different. Traditionally cigar box guitars are very simple and rustic instruments, but Peter makes sure these instruments are extremely playable , stay in tune and have good intonation. The neck is made from either walnut, maple or oak and this is good to know because most cheaper cigar box guitars use cheap woods.

This CAO Cigarbox features a maple neck with slotted headstock, maple fretboard with torx screw inlays, 3-on-a-plate tuners, metal tailpiece, magnetic pickup, Ziggabox logo on top, two soundholes and a metal bridge. Does not include case or gigbag.

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