Fender Tremolux Brownface 1962

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Fender Tremolux Brownface 1962

Beautiful and great sounding Fender Tremolux Brownface made in 1962 with oxblood grille. Has a newer (NOS?) Power Trafo, Original Output trafo (1962), Original Choke (1961), Original Chassis, Original housing which has been retolexed and contains a hole in the bottom, Tubes all newer): 1x Raytheon GZ34 2x Sovtek 6L6GC 2x Raytheon 12AX7 2x RCA 7025, newer power cable and 1 replacement NOS Spraque NOS capacitor, original Stackpole potmeters. In excellent working condition with the expected amount of use. See photo's for more details. Includes footswitch.


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