Steam Power

Steam Power - met Fay Lovsky - 21 Januari 2017

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Steam Power - met Fay Lovsky - 21 Januari 2017

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Fay Lovsky, Janos Koolen, Laurens Joensen and Joost van Es are four musical friends who've earned their credits on a lot of stages in the Netherlands and far outside. They played togeter with Henny Vrienten, Frédérique Spigt, Kaz Lux, Magna Carta, Douwe Bob and Pat Metheny. But just there, in a small theater like Theater Dina, does the magic happen. Mutually creativity reaches unknown territory and every show is a new adventure with beautiful words and instrumental mastery. Their repertoire mainly consist of own work with a lot of Bluegrass!

A meeting of four equal minds, where the music is greater than the indiviual part. From Thorshavn to a farmers shed, at the light of a blue moon the power of the steam engine comes to strength. On the road on a bed of strings, stories are told and melodies exchanged, searching for the purest tone in a never-ending journey.

Laurens Joensen - vocal, guitar
Janos Koolen - vocal, mandolin, banjo
Joost van Es - vocal, violin
Fay Lovsky - vocal, bass and more

Theater Dina
Moerheimstraat 144
7701 CJ Dedemsvaart


20:00 hr


€17,50 incl. taxes



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