Matamp C7 stack Head Cab

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Matamp C7 stack Head Cab

The Matamp C7 is a 7 watt amp based on a EL34/6CA7 power output valve, in single-ended configuration, operating in true Class-A mode. There is an all-valve preamp, consisting of three 12AX7 dual-triode preamp valves, although the reverb drive circuit employs a TL071 IC. The reverb recovery circuit uses one of the 12AX7’s. 

The use of an EL34 output valve, as compared to the more usual 6V6 or EL84 valves, plus beautifully over-engineered power & audio output transformers, gives this amp a much bigger sound than comparable single-ended amps.

Other design features unique to this amp include a (passive) FX Loop, an active Attack control, which gradually bypasses the negative feedback loop for a bigger, looser tonality, or sweep the opposite direction for tighter & cleaner – this control more than makes up for the lack of a master volume. The Record Out jack on the rear panel automatically switches in a 15 ohm/50 watt resistor across the output for recording from the amp direct, without the need to be plugged into a speaker.

In summary this Matamp C7 is a distinctively British-voiced single-ended valve amp of great quality. Place a overdrive or distortion stompbox in front of it and be suprised by the sound!

In mint condition and a full year warranty.

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