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Bourgeois Martin Simpson Signature Cedar Quilted Mahogany 1997
In an email Martin Simpson claims that he wishes he still had this particular guitar! Well, it's for...
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Eastman AC122-1CE Lefty
This Eastman AC122 1CE trades the traditional approach for a modern guitar with comfort and playabil...
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La Bella VSA1152 Vapor Shield Phosphor Bronze 011-052 Strings
La Bella introduces a completely new generation of strings. They call it themselves: Not coating is ...
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Monster Cable Acoustic 21ft Angled Straight 6.4m Instrument Cable
The Monster Cable Acoustic 21ft is a cable that specifically focuses on amplifying acoustic instrume...
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Monster Acoustic Instrument Cable 3.7m 12ft Angled - Straight
The Monster Cable Acoustic 12ft is a cable that specifically focuses on amplifying acoustic instrume...
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Gibson 1936 Advanced Jumbo Vintage Sunburst
The 1936 Advanced Jumbo brings back all the tone and prestige that made these such a sought-after in...
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Iris OG Sunburst Mahogany Spruce
The OG model offers a very comfortable LG-ish, 14-fret design with plenty of high end features.
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Martin T1K Tenor Ukulele Koa
Martin has built the world’s finest ukuleles since 1916, and tenor ukes since 1929 that have long ...
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Alhambra 7PA Spruce Top
This Alhambra 7P-A is part of the Conservatory series instruments which are very suitable for the ad...
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Alhambra 10Fc
The Alhambra F10Fc is a beautiful flamenco guitar with a solid book matched Cypress body with a Germ...
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Rozawood Wizard OM 42 Style Redwood Rosewood
The Rozawood guitar day here at TFOA was a big succes, and we just could not resist the urge to add ...
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Rozawood Twenty Eight D Torrefied ASRW #200628
The Rozawood guitar day here at TFOA was a big succes, and we just could not resist the urge to add ...
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Furch Red Masters Choice GC-SR SPA
The Furch Red Master’s Choice model represents the top line of Furch’s all-solid-woods guitars t...
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Lakewood M31CP Baritone
This impressive Bariton features a traditional Lakewood body and a classic wood selection of Solid E...
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Guild M25E Mahogany Mahogany California Burst
The M-25E expands on the M-20, featuring added appointments and a gloss finished top and headstock.
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Schertler Lydia EQ Undersaddle Pickup
15 years of research and development in the field of under-saddle systems has culminated in Schertle...
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Headway SAM-1 Soundhole Pickup
Sheer Acoustic Magnetic SAM-1 offers a unique sparkling clarity and solid lows with a  natural slow...
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Martin 00012E Koa
With the 000-12E Koa in Martin’s lineup, more players can turn their dreams of owning a koa guitar...
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Lowden F22C Lefty
Original Series Lowden F-22c Jumbo Mahogany Cedar with cutaway, lefthanded.
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Collings 0001SS 12-Fret Short Scale
This Collings 12-fret 000 has the same general appearance as the Collings 00, but is slightly larger...
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Iris DF Model
Along with years of knowledge and experience, Iris is able to hone in on the design and construction...
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Waterloo WL-S DLX
Inspired by ornately appointed Stella guitars from the 1930’s, the WL-S features intricate wood pu...
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Martin HD12-28 12 String Reimagined
The Martin HD12-28 12-string from the re-imagined standard series is a classic herringbone dreadnoug...
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Jellinghaus Torres 1A17 Flamed Maple
Wolfgang Jellinghaus 1A17 model made in the Milestone Luthier Centre, that was founded in the year 2...
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