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Gibson Les Paul Goldtop 54 - 58 P90 Reissue 1972
This was actually one of the first reissue instruments Gibson built and although it was called the "...
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Gibson ES335 Sunburst 1959 Super Clean
Upon the moment that we first sighted this impressively clean vintage Gibson case we already knew we...
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Gibson J45 Cherry Sunburst 1967
Introduced in 1942 as a replacement for the J-35, the J-45 has since become one of Gibson's most pop...
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Gibson Chet Atkins 1989
Chester Burton Atkins, known as "Mr. Guitar" and "The Country Gentleman", not to mention one of the ...
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Gibson Les Paul Pro Cherry Sunburst 1980
The Les Paul Pro, also known as the Deluxe Pro, was a variation of the Les Paul Deluxe that used P-9...
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Kalamazoo KG14 1939
This real vintage Kalamazoo is from 1939 and has stood the test of time. Marked by life, but still g...
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Selmer Petite Bouche Django Set Stimer Pickup & Selmer Amp 1948
The legendary Django Reinhardt mainly played Selmer guitars throughout his impeccable career, and Mr...
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Taurus 1A 1973
This 1973 Taurus has stood the test of time, but still carries the memory of a turbulent life.
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Clifford Essex Paragon Ebony Archtop 1930s
This Clifford Essex Paragon brings you back to New Orleans in the 'roaring twenties': the origin of ...
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Gibson Southern Jumbo SJ Sunburst 1952
Vintage Gibson Southern jumbo from 1952 in excellent vintage condition
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Ibanez Concord 764 Dreadnought 1975
This model is one of the high end guitars that Ibanez built in the infamous 1970s, the years that Ib...
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Martin 00018 Spruce Mahogany 1941
A lot can change in almost 80 years. Times of war gave way to peace, and this Martin 00018 was there...
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Fairbanks Regent 5-string banjo 1911
Fairbanks/Vega Regent Banjo are of the very highest quality and set a standard back in the day that ...
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Silvertone 1457 w/ Amp in Case 1965
This is a great example of a catalogue guitar, sold through the Sears mail order catalogue and was t...
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Danelectro 3923 Double Neck Bass & Guitar 1960
Danelectro produced the so-called 3923 model from 1958 to 1966. These guitars later became known as ...
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Vivi-Tone Acousti-Guitar by LLoyd Loar 1936
When Lloyd Loar left Gibson in 1924, he used the freedom to experiment and develop very unique and p...
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Hermann Hauser Vienna Classical Concert 1924
Hermann Hauser sr. Vienna Model classical guitar from the year 1924 in Very good condition. The tone...
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Ramirez 1a Mariano Tezanos Castro 1977
The 1960s and 70s are considered by many to be the the Golden Age of the Ramirez workshop.
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Coral Sitar Vincent Bell Signature Bombay Red 1960s
Sitar is a hard instrument to master and Harisson, Shankar's disciple, even put the sitar down becau...
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Epiphone Riviera 360TD 12 String Sunburst 1966
This Riviera 360TD-12 brings us back to an era where 6 strings just weren't enough to create the shi...
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Baldwin Burns Shadows Bass Model 528 1966-67
This 4-string sibling to the Hank Marvin Signature guitar with it's three pickups was designed speci...
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Manuel Contreras 1 Premium Double Tapa BRW-CD 1984
This Premium doble tapa model is the top in the line model from the Manuel Contreras workshop in Spa...
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DiMauro Special Jazz Chorus 1940s
This is one of those very rare DiMauro Special Chorus, and it's in good Condition, dates back to the...
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Antoine DiMauro Boogie Woogie D Hole 1940s-50s
Once in a while something odd and rare turns up, and this is definitely one of those guitars, a Anto...
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