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Vintage Guitars

Do you want to buy a vintage guitar? The Fellowship of Acoustics specializes in very exclusive vintage acoustic guitars made by builders like Martin, Gibson and a plethora of other brands. Our stock often includes the much loved prewar and Golden Era guit
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DiMauro Special Jazz Chorus 1940s
This is one of those very rare DiMauro Special Chorus, and it's in good Condition, dates back to the...
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Antoine DiMauro Boogie Woogie D Hole 1940s-50s
Once in a while something odd and rare turns up, and this is definitely one of those guitars, a Anto...
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Epiphone FT98 Troubadour 12 Fret XL Wide Neck 1965
This is a 1965 Epiphone FT98 Troubadour, made by Gibson in the Kalamazoo factory in the USA. The gui...
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Contreras Classical Study Guitar 1988
An inviting, wallet-friendly Spanish concert guitar with a matured and developed sound.
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Masaru Kohno Model 5 Concert Classical 1970
This guitar is the number 5. The Number was synonymous with the value in Yen at this time. (50000 Ye...
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Burns White Bison 1964
With its distintive batwing headstock, the Burns Bison was Jim Burns' greatest creation and has a s...
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Paul Beuscher D Hole 1950s
This rare D-hole guitar is one of a number of instruments sold under "Paul Beuscher" label during th...
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Epiphone FT79 Texan Custom 1964 Sunburst
Stunning Epiphone FT79 Texan Custom from 1964 with a beautiful faded Dark Cherry Burst finish
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Gibson ES175D Sunburst 1965-68
Due to its enduring appeal “ a blend of comfortable playability and warm sonic versatility with pr...
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Gibson P90 Soapbar 1971
1971 Gibson Soapbar, cream cover with Gibson logo. 8.3K
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Ignacio M. Rozas Especial Doblo Tapa BRW-GS 1989
Ignacio M. Rozas is considered one of the greatest Luthiers to come out of the Jose Ramirez III Scho...
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Gibson TB2 Tenor Banjo Nick Lucas Inlays 1928
In 1918 the ragtime, tango, dance band era was in full swing and the tenor banjo was in high demand.
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Hofner 185 Artist Bass 1964
Introduced by Hofner in 1962. This Hofner Artist 185 was sold by 'Selmer' in the United Kingdom betw...
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Masaru Kohno 20 Concert BRW-GS 1975
Many players have played Kohno guitars since then, among them are Julian Bream, Oscar Gighlia, and S...
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Vega V646 Solid Maple Engelmann Dreadnought 1970s
This 1970s Vega V-646S is a beautiful vintage dreadnought shaped acoustic guitar.
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Gibson A1 Mandolin 1906
This is a remarkable crackfree original Gibson Mandolin A1, this is the improved model of the model ...
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Arnold Hoyer Model 27 Electric Redburst 1958
The history of the HOYER guitar brand began in 1874. This Model 27 is a great example of the more 'o...
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Krull Bollmann Italian Bowlback Mandolin ca. 1920
This Krull Bollmann Bowlback mandolin was made in Germany somewhere in the 1920s, but bears an Itali...
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Epiphone FT37 1939
This 14-fret model features a slope-shoulder dreadnought-like design using American walnut for the ...
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Bozo B3 Classical Guitar 1970s
This is a beautiful classical concert model guitar from the 1970s built in Japan under the Bozo lice...
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Busato Roundhole Gypsy 1940
Unique and very rare roundhole Busato from the 1940s.
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Gibson Les Paul Leo's '59 Reissue Kalamazoo Cherryburst 1982
The Les Paul Leo models are basically the precursor of the Gibson's famous Custom Shop 1959 Reissue ...
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Gibson Les Paul Personal 1971
Gibson Les Paul Personal from 1971, all original with pots dating back to 1970.
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Vintage Guitars

In our 'Home of a thousand guitars', you will find not only acoustic guitars, but also a wide range of vintage electric guitars. We regularly manage to lay our hands on a sixties or even fifties Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters. Just recently we got hold of a very clean Gibson ES 335 Sunburst from 1959 in virtually original condition.

Because we love guitars, what we have in our shop doesn't stop there. You are also in the right place for vintage gypsy jazz, flamenco or classical guitars. Vintage mandolins and banjo’s? We’ve got them!

Knowledgeable and experienced

Vintage guitars play an important role in the history of The Fellowship of Acoustics, as the company started  in 2001 with four vintage Martin guitars that founder Rudi Bults got a hold of in the United States and within a week he managed to sell them to four very happy customers.

After that, hundreds of vintage guitars went through his hands and now The Fellowship of Acoustics is one of the largest vintage guitar dealers in Europe. Over the years, all Fellows who work here have gained  a lot of experience  in viewing, judging and playing vintage guitars. We buy them,  trade them in and because of we have been doing so enthusiastically for years, we are very fortunate to have a unique, worldwide network of collectors, professional musicians, studios, guitar builders and of course many other vintage guitar lovers.  

Buying a vintage guitar

Are you looking for that one guitar model from that special year? Like an original pre 1945 Martin 00018? Or a Gibson Les Paul Burst from before 1960? It's not easy, but with we do manage to find such extraordinary vintage guitars. We have already been able to help dozens of customers in their search for 'The One'.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss a possible search.

There is a lot of demand for vintage guitars and the supply is very limited. That means buyers have to act quick. So keep an eye on our Instagram,  Facebook  and YouTube channels, as we often offer a sneak preview of the new and vintage  guitars that come into our store. You will get a glimpse of what we have in stock, even before it appears on our site.

Want to read more about vintage guitars? Former employee Stefan Meier listed useful tips when  buying a vintage guitar. Are you looking for a good alternative to a vintage guitar? You can read more about that here.