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TFOA and Lowden guitars, more specific George Lowden and his team - have become a important factor in our shop. We sell between 100 and 135 Lowden guitars a year, both new and pre-owned, and Lowden has grown to us.

Tone-wood is the basis of a Lowden guitar and a Redwood top with Cocobolo back and sides will be tonally different from a Cedar top with Cuban mahogany back and sides.

Every Lowden is fully handmade and we consider them among the very best in the world. That's why a standard series Lowden is amazing already, but if you prefer a more personal guitar Lowden offers great opportunity to design your own with the "35" - and even more with the "50" series.

The Lowden '50 series' offer great opportunity to have a guitar fully custom made and personalized. And many of our customers already did so. 

Below is the link to the price-list, All the prices are VAT excluded. Please ask if you need guidance in designing your custom made Lowden.

But maybe you like George Lowden explain about Tonewood  himself in the series "Every Guitar Has a Voice" - In this series George Lowden comments on the aspects that contribute to the voice of the Lowden acoustic guitar.

Episode 1 can be found below, view Episodes 3-7 and other videos by George Lowden on our Youtube Channel here



Lowden Gitaren Prijslijst
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